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This memorial website was created in loving memory of our Son, Jeremy "JD" Ervin who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 19, 1987 and passed away on May 06, 2005 at the age of 17 1/2. He spent his entire schooling at Skiatook. JD was a wonderful son and gifted athlete with a bright future, he left us early due to injuries he sustained in a vehicle accident on April 21, 2005. God gave us 15 wonderful days with our son before he went home and we praise him for that. His beautiful girlfriend Sam was with him in the accident and JD wrapped himself around her to protect her from serious injury. The vehicle rolled 4 times throwing 6 of the 8 teens out of the vehicle including our son and Sam, her pelvis was broken in 4 places and her foot broken in three, but JD protected her from head and internal injuries. I know Sam will add a lot to this site and I know people will be touched by listening to this extraordinary young woman tell of their love for one another and their future plans. At 6' 4" and 230 pounds JD was a force to be reckoned with on and off the field, his many trophies and medals a testiment to his will to excel. Of the many sports he played wrestling, basketball, track, baseball and football his first love was football, he lived for the friday night lights. He was also an avid hunter who won trophies shooting his bow and loved shooting bows with his family and friends. No story written could cover all his accomplishments, but as a father I am the most proud of the way he lived his life and the lives he touched in his short time here evident by the more than 1100 people who came to say their last goodbyes to this fine young man. I hope that through other people that you can catch a glimpse of a son that made his father and mother so proud and people can hear of the love and admiration we had for him. I'm still your biggest fan son, you brought us so much joy watching you play. JD was receiving letters regularly for college, many of them from D-1 colleges he had hopes of going into sports medicine. He met the love of his life and he was forever changed. He was a wonderful son a devoted boyfriend and cherished his friends greatly.

I did add just a couple of video clips of JD, I will be adding more of his sports clips when I can, it's been a long tough road to get these on here, we are soon to be six years since he left us and it's still so very hard to have to watch these clips, thanks in advance for understanding, Sincerely; Roger


To all that visit please look at the photo taken from the prom, it has a black circle around his head to bring attention to whats there, this picture was taken 19 days before the accident, What I want people to see is the cross on the back of JD's head,  God truly loves us this much.

Also there is a pic I just added of a football player on a can of Coke, this isn't JD, but the likeness is so much like him that it's scary, the jersey number, the same hair style and color, the long sideburns, the black gloves, even the uniform looks a lot like their home jersey. This is one of only two cans that were found by his girlfriends grandmother, it is dated 1999, I just had to put it on here.

Hey Baby,
  man we all miss you down here... hows the view? I'm so thankful God let us have the amazing love we had. Not many people get to have that, and Baby I don't know what lies ahead but I know that I will take you everywhere I go, because it's like we always said " No matter what... we'll always be in each others hearts." I just wish I could be wih you right now... holding you, hugging you, and kissing you, but I know that, that day will come... One Sweet Day


There are times
I swear I know you're here
When I forget about my fears
Feeling you my dear
Watchin over me
And my hope seeks
What the future will bring
When you wrap me in your wings
And take me

Where you are
Where you and I will breathe together
Once again
We'll be dancing in the moonlight
Just like we used to do
And you'll be smilin back at me
Only then will I be free
When I can be
Where you are

"And I can see your face
Your kiss I still can taste
Not a memory erased"

Oh, I see your star
Shining down on me
And I'd do anything
If I could just
Be right there:

Then I will be free...
So take me where you are

"Now baby there were times when selfishly
I'm wishing that you are here with me
So I can wipe the tears away from your eyes
And make you see
That every night while you are dreamin
I'm here to guard you from a far"

And anytime I feel alone
I close my eyes and dream of
Where you are 

Dear Lord,
 You know how we all need you right now and so please Lord be with Roger,Beth,DeeAnna, and Keith, and the rest of JD's family... Thank You Father and please take care of My Baby*

Thanks Baby... not just for April 21, 2005 but since the first day we met. The Love you showed me, the trust you gave me, thank you for showing me TRUE LOVE, How it is supposed to feel...

You touched sooo many lives... Your legacy will live on forever not just in Skiatook, but in everyone's hearts that knew you and even those who didnt. I Love You Baby and I can't wait to be with you again After all it's not goodbye... Miss You Baby and I Love You*
                                                                    Love Always, Your
                                                                       BabyGirl  Sam

This is a poem I found on the back of a photograph recently, it was written by one of his classmates Kendra;

A heart of Gold stopped beating

Two Shiny Eyes Rest

God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best

God knows you had to leave us

But you didn't go alone

For part of us went with you

The day he took you home

To some you'll be forgotten

Others just part of the past

But to us who loved you

Your memory will always last

To all who visit:
      My prayer is that everyone that comes to this site can get a glimpse of a son that made his father, mother, sister and brother so proud. What he accomplished on earth in his short time here is nothing short of phenomenal, but he's accomplished a far better goal by being in heaven. Lord I pray that you touch every visitor, that they leave different than they came. Lord I pray that all of the other teens that were involved are encouraged and strengthened by what they read and hear. Keep them in your arms Lord, watch over and comfort them. To Sam, I love you sweetheart, I am so encouraged just by talking to you, JD would be so proud of you. I can only hope that I can repay to you the love and encouragement that you have shown me and Beth and Dee. God has something wonderful in store for you. For those who have had to deal with loss, I pray God blesses each of you for stopping by and offering encouragement to me and my family, thank you so much. These things I pray in Jesus Name, Amen
                                                      Roger D. Ervin

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Tributes and Condolences
13 Years Today   / Roger Ervin (Father)
It seems as those time has advanced so quickly, it just doesn't seem possible it's been that long! I know you and Mom have caught up on a lot that was missed! Now that I have remarried to such a wonderful woman, I know you would have liked her. One o...  Continue >>
Just want to say Hi!   / Beatris Mascorro
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12 Years Today   / Roger Ervin (Father)
It's hard to conceive that it's been 12 years since the accident Son, I don't come to the site as often, but it doesn't mean I have forgot about you, you're on my mind daily! So many times I will be thinking about you and I will find a penny in some ...  Continue >>
Its been awhile bubba   / DeeAnna Willis(Ervin) (Only Sister )
Whelp, bub its been awhile since I've been on your site, but doesn't mean I've forgotten about it. I think about you often, never leaving my mind. I miss you, mom and buddy boy Oh so much, it will be a year in may since buddy boy died in my arms and ...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Heather Castleberry (First girlfriend and friend )
JD, It's been 11 years since I've seen you in that hospital bed. I will never forget whispering in your ear telling you that I would always love you and then knowing that you heard me when you started to cry. I remember us hanging out all the time a...  Continue >>
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His legacy
JD'S Achievements, just a portion  
JD had many accomplishments, too many to list, but I will list as many as I can remember.
A gifted pitcher he was throwing 55mph @ 9 years old
He pitched almost a perfect game in regionals @ 10 posting 13 strikeouts
He had an identical game that a picture was taken of and it's posted on the site during regular season play.
He had two incredible seasons at bat his 9 & 10 year old years, he posted 19 homeruns and 54 rbi's @ 9 and almost the same at 10
He placed 2nd in his first wrestling match @ 9
At 12 he moved to competitive ball carrying a 615 batting average through 43 games and a 997 fielding average at first base
He shot an archery tournament @ 10 and scored so high they changed the age bracket, he scored 311, second place scored 85 the picture is of him and his trophy are on the site.
At 11 he launched a 225ft grand slam home run to defeat the defending champions (we kept this game ball)(we have several home run balls but this was his favorite)
He shot his first deer with a rifle @ 11 (I have it mounted) a 136 lb 9 pt. Buck
He took 3 deer with his bow in 2002
He took a hog with that same bow in 2002
His love for football won him many awards, among those he received tee-shirts from his 7th grade through 11th for attending and meeting the requirements of football summer pride, he was one of only two in his class to do this.
He started varsity all 12 games on offense as a sophomore
He started varsity on both sides of the ball and played every game but one his junior year (he couldn't play due to a knee injury)
He won numerous medals in discus and shotput his 8th, 9th and 10th grade years (he couldn't participate his junior year due to shoulder surgery)
We have boxes full of trophies, plaques and awards he received in all sports
He was a member of who's who among high school students
he maintained a 3.3 or better gpa
These are just some of the things he accomplished and there are plenty more I just don't remember them all.
He arrived in heaven with his lord and savior on May 6th 2005
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